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Tracking the Impact of Social Change Videos

Measuring the impact of films and videos can be tricky. Some might say impossible. But building a measurement strategy around media can help inform whether what we are doing is actually working.


At this year’s Media That Matters conference, presented by the Center for Social Media at American University, speakers discussed the importance of  data and tracking. There was an overall call for greater accountability and responsibility on the part of media-makers. Instead of claiming our videos make a difference, we need to start proving it. 


Read the full blog post, Determining the Impact of Films and Videos, on The Video Effect, and learn how measurement strategies can strengthen your next film/video project.


The blog, The Video Effect, a partner of the GoodSpeaks Project, explores how to leverage video or visual media for greater social change. Basically, we talk about how to turn our videos into the advocacy tools we need them to be.  For rich discussions and creative inspiration, follow the blog on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest.




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