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Wildlife Conservation

Overfishing, Demand for Sharks Drive Illegal Dolphin Hunts in Peru

In October, a graphic undercover video of dolphin hunting in Peru spurred outcries from around the world.

Exquisite Photo Book Captures 20 Years of Life, Death, Love, and Loss Among Elephant Community

Michael Nichols, National Geographic’s editor-at-large for photography, knows a lot about elephants. He first began photographing the majestic creatures in the lowland forests of the Central African Republic in 1991. His first subjects, terrorized by ivory poaching, offered Nichols only brief glimpses into their communities and activities before stampeding off at the first sign of a human presence. “Earth to Sky” is a chronicle of the beauty and wisdom of the earth’s largest land animals, as well as a plea for the protection of the species.

Animal Rights Groups Fight Wolf and Coyote Hunt in Idaho

Animal rights groups are speaking out against a private wolf and coyote hunt planned for Dec. 28 to 29 in Idaho.

First Annual National Wildlife Conservation Day

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The U.S. State Department declared December 4 Wildlife Conservation Day, a special day on December 4 to help raise global awareness and bring attention an online pledge campaign to protect wildlife by changing consumer behavior.