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Occupy Gezi Movement a Battle for the Heart and Soul of Democracy

If there were an overarching global theme to the first years of the current decade, organized protests would be the dominant front-runner. From Brazil to Egypt, Syria and Turkey, social protests and riots have overthrown despots, highlighted human rights abuses and engulfed regions in civil war. The protests in Turkey, known collectively as Occupy Gezi, are a telling example of when a Government sees a peaceful protest not as a call for change or action, but as a threat to their power.

Turkey in the Streets: A Live Video Dialogue on the Uprising in Taksim Square

Event information via Washington Peace Center

On Tuesday, June 11th,  the 12th day of nationwide anti-government protests, Turkish riot police over-ran barricades to crack down on the protestors gathered in Taksim Square, resulting in prolonged clashes between police and groups of demonstrators in

One Million Refugees Have Left Violence in Syria: Agencies Nearly Overwhelmed, Underfunded

Update March 6, 2:45pm: The UNHCR reports "Data received from UNHCR’s offices in the Syria region shows that the number of Syrians either registered as refugees or being assisted as such reached the one million mark today." 


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The UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres