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Solar Power

London Unveils World's Largest Solar Bridge

A new bridge that can do more than shorten your commute– it can also power it!

US Government to Consume 20% of its Electricity from Renewable Sources by 2020

The President's move to get the government to consume more renewable energy is expected to boost the market for renewables in the years to come.

Contest-Winning Solar Home Creates More Energy than it Uses

A group of students from the Vienna University of Technology were the winners of this year's Solar Decathlon, held from October 3-13 in Irvine, California. Team Austria's entry, called LISI, generates more power than it uses over the course of a year.

Solar Decathlon: College Students Design Stellar Solar-Powered Houses

Dubbed "one the most highly anticipated design competitions in the world," the Solar Decathlon, held by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), challenges collegiate teams to design, build and operate solar-powered houses that are cost effective, energy efficient and attractive.

What the American Environmental Movement Can Learn from This Insulting Fossil Fuel Ad Campaign

Recently the Washington Post ran this ad from the fossil-fuel industry-backed group with the Orwellian name "Energy Tomorrow." What is insulting about the image is that it suggests that people who want to see more energy from renewable sources are luddites who refuse to acknowledge our dependence upon fossil fuels. What is even more disconcerting is that this group is getting out ahead of climate change activists and taking ownership of the "Imagine a Fossil Free World" slogan. Environmental groups must take a cue from this and stop letting the oil and gas industry own the scary "Fossil Free World" image. Let's stop fixating on what we're against, and start painting a positive picture of what a sustainable energy economy could really look like.