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Saeed Abedini

Update: Senate passes resolution urging immediate action on behalf of Pastor Saeed Abedini

The Senate passed a resolution on Thursday, Nov. 15, urging the Iranian government to “to immediately release Saeed Abedini and all other individuals detained on account of their religious beliefs," according to Saeed's legal team at the American Center for Law and Justice in Washington DC.

Demand American Saeed Abedini's Release From Notorious Iranian Prison

A turn of events have recently jepopardized the life of an American prisoner held in Iran. Saeed Abedini, a practicing Christian, was transferred from notorious Evin Prison to the even worse Rajai Shahr Prison, where people are often killed at the hands of other prisoners.

Obama, Billy Graham Write on Behalf of imprisoned Iranian-American Overseas

This past Sept. 26 marked one year since Abedini was imprisoned in Iran for "undermining the Iranian government," according to the NY Daily News.


Since then, President Obama has written a letter to newly elected President Hassan Rouhani about Pastor Saeed’s deteriorating condition in prison, and has highlighted that practicing different faiths is protected by Iranian law.

Demand Diplomatic Action for U.S. Citizens Unjustly Imprisoned Abroad

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