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Renewable Energy

Can Refugee Shelters be Beautiful, Functional, and Portable? One Designer's Award-Winning Answer.

A Jordanian-Canadian architect and designer has created a design for portable, collapsible shelters that generate power from the sun for displaced refugees world-wide.

Say Hello to the World's Largest Solar Energy Plant

The world's largest solar plant will power over a hundred thousand homes, while preventing 400,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year from entering earth's atmosphere.

Voters to Policy Makers: We Want Clean Energy

A recent poll finds that Americans overwhelmingly favor investments in clean energy and energy efficiency to traditional fossil fuel resources.

Demand Grows for Duke Energy to Clean Up Toxic Coal Ash Sites

Activists and residents are demanding that Duke Energy speed the clean up of toxic coal ash ponds, while federal authorities investigate ties between the power company and state regulators.

Renewables Make Up More than One-Third of U.S. New Energy Growth: Environmentalists Want More

Renewable energy accounts for 16% of US energy capacity, and is growing faster than any other energy source, according to a recent government energy report.

London Unveils World's Largest Solar Bridge

A new bridge that can do more than shorten your commute– it can also power it!

Is Renewable Energy Inevitable? Absolutely, says Tesla CEO Elon Musk

The serial entrepreneur and celebrated "big thinker" says it is easier to meet America's electricity needs with renewable energy than most might think.

US Government to Consume 20% of its Electricity from Renewable Sources by 2020

The President's move to get the government to consume more renewable energy is expected to boost the market for renewables in the years to come.

Contest-Winning Solar Home Creates More Energy than it Uses

A group of students from the Vienna University of Technology were the winners of this year's Solar Decathlon, held from October 3-13 in Irvine, California. Team Austria's entry, called LISI, generates more power than it uses over the course of a year.