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The Syrian Crisis: As Leaders Argue, Agencies Aid Civilians Caught in Violent Storm


Escalated violence and foreign intervention have put the humanitarian disaster and civil war in Syria at the forefront of international discussions at the G8 summit.  President Obama’s recent decision to arm the rebels marks a clear contrast with Russian president Vladimir Putin’s continuing

Join "The Big If" in the Fight to End World Hunger


Today, thousands gathered in Hyde Park London in a friendly protest and civil display of support for the elimination of world hunger. Sponsored by leading UK aid organizations, "The Big If" is spearheading the effort to make this global issue a global priority.


Today's event in Hyde Park

Rethinking Global Priorities at the G8 Summit

The G8 summit convenes June 17th in Ireland, and the assembled world leaders are expected to focus on the issues of trade, tax, and transparency. Advocacy groups are pushing for a more progressive agenda, including humanitarian relief and action on specific developmental goals. Organizations such as and Oxfam, together with leading UK Aid organizations, have collaborated to create the second ‘Make Poverty History’ campaign with a focus on food, and their agenda is gaining steam.

One Campaign Debuts Agit8

On Tuesday, June 11th, the ONE Campaign, an international NGO that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease, launched the  Agit8 Campaign to pressure world leaders gathering for the G8 Conference in Northern Ireland on June 17th-18th to focus on issues of global hunger.


During the campaign