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Fourth Amendment

Restore the Fourth Movement Gains Momentum

A campaign called Restore the Fourth organized on Reddit and other sites, called for nationwide rallies. Protesters cropped up in major cities including Boston, New York City and Washington D.C. with an average turnout of 500-1000 participants.

Senator Rand Paul Introduces the Fourth Amendment Preservation and Protection Act

On Friday, June 7, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., introduced the Fourth Amendment Preservation and Protection Act of 2013, which "which would extend Fourth Amendment guarantees to electronic communications and requires specific warrants granted by judges in order to obtain this information," according to a statement on the senator's website.

The Day We Fight Back Against Government Spying

A coalition of organizations are asking citizens to demand better oversight of the National Security Agency (NSA) today.

Restore the Fourth Rallies Planned in Response to NSA Information Leak

Activists are organizing physical nationwide protests through Reddit and Twitter, in an operation called Restore the Fourth. They have drawn supporters through the internet and have planned rallies in nearly every state except for a few (pictured lower right). They seek to "bring awareness to the abuses against [Americans'] civil liberties and the erosion of this cornerstone of [Americans'] democracy," according to their website.