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Fossil Fuels

Harvard Students Stage Blockade to Demand An Open Conversation About Fossil Fuel Divestment

Harvard's Divestment movement raises the ante for an administration unwilling to engage in open dialogue about its endowment's investments in fossil fuels.

Keystone XL Protests Heat Up as Public Comment Period Winds Down

The opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline remains vigilant as the public comment period for the State Department's latest Environmental Impact Statement closes


What Can We Do With Billions of Plastic Shopping Bags? Turn Them Into Fuel, Apparently

With a plastic waste crisis looming, a new study suggests single-use plastic bags, which are thrown out by the billions in America each year, and wreak havoc on marine life, could be used to generate diesel fuel and other petroleum products.

Demand Grows for Duke Energy to Clean Up Toxic Coal Ash Sites

Activists and residents are demanding that Duke Energy speed the clean up of toxic coal ash ponds, while federal authorities investigate ties between the power company and state regulators.

Duke Study finds Driller's Data on Fracking Safety Lacking

A Duke University study has cast doubt on data provided by a drilling company and calls into question the safety of its fracking operations.

Environmental Groups Protest Keystone XL Pipeline Ahead of SOTU


In the days leading up to an anticipated decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline, organizers once again rally the opposition.

Tune In to a 24-Hour Virtual Tour of the Climate Crisis

This October 22 and 23 the Climate Reality Project is hosting a live, online 24-hour event, dubbed “24 Hours of Reality.” Leaders of this international environmental project invite you to join in “as we travel around the world, identifying the costs of carbon pollution and the solution that can change the course of the future.”

What the American Environmental Movement Can Learn from This Insulting Fossil Fuel Ad Campaign

Recently the Washington Post ran this ad from the fossil-fuel industry-backed group with the Orwellian name "Energy Tomorrow." What is insulting about the image is that it suggests that people who want to see more energy from renewable sources are luddites who refuse to acknowledge our dependence upon fossil fuels. What is even more disconcerting is that this group is getting out ahead of climate change activists and taking ownership of the "Imagine a Fossil Free World" slogan. Environmental groups must take a cue from this and stop letting the oil and gas industry own the scary "Fossil Free World" image. Let's stop fixating on what we're against, and start painting a positive picture of what a sustainable energy economy could really look like.