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fair trade

Commerce Without Exploitation: Why World Fair Trade Day Matters

The Fair Trade Movement recognizes that the nearly half of the world's population involved in food production deserves to be fairly compensated.

Our Conscious Consumer Pick for September: Inspirations Today

In the picturesque coastal town of Southport, North Carolina, tourists flock to the boutiques that dot North Howe Street, the town's main thoroughfare.  In the enclave of colorful shops called Olde Southporte Village, entrepreneur Candy Padgett has created a store that is not only charming and utterly unique, but also revolutionary.

World Fair Trade Day


Every second Saturday of May, supporters of global fair trade celebrate World Fair Trade Day.  This year, the observance will take place on May 11, and will encompass a series of events and activities across the globe and in the United States.


World Fair Trade Day is a celebration first launched