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Clean Water

World Water Day 2014: Exploring the Connection between Water and Energy

This year's World Water Day invites you to take a closer look at the many connections between water and energy.

Happy World Toilet Day! Squat if you Love Sanitation

A day whose name makes 6-year-olds giggle, especially after watching the "Official Song" of World Toilet Day:

World Toilet Day is, nonetheless, not to be taken, uh .. sitting down. .

World Toilet Day: Potty Talk is No Laughing Matter

World Toilet Day, observed annually on Nov. 19th, breaks the taboo about toilets while drawing attention to the overwhelming need for sanitation and clean water.

World Water Day – 20th Anniversary of the World’s Fight for a Clean Water Future

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the UN General Assembly’s vote to declare World Water Day.  Its purpose: to draw global attention to the importance of fresh water and the sustainable management of fresh water resources.

World Rivers Day

World Rivers Day was initiated by River advocate Mark Angelo as part of the United Nations' Water for Life Decade, announced in 2005.    It is held yearly on the last Sunday of September, and in 2011 more than 60 countries and several million people participated in events to celebrate and honor the