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bees dying

4 Ways You Can Help Keep Honey Bees from Disappearing Forever

Frigid temperatures have worsened an already dire situation for the world's honey bees. Here's what you can do to help.

BEE Protective - Saving American Bees

Over the last decade, the world has witnessed an alarming trend that – if continued – could lead to a major food crisis in the United States and elsewhere on the planet. In short, the bees are disappearing. While this does not sound like a matter of utmost urgency, the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), as the phenomenon has come to be known, is indeed a matter of national and international security. Crops like apples, strawberries, almonds, or oranges all rely on bees for insemination. In fact, according to UNEP, bees pollinate 70 of the 100 most popular world crops that deliver 90% of our food. This is why Beyond Pesticides and the Center for Food Safety teamed up to launch BEE Protective – a nationwide education campaign on the crucial role of bees and on the growing problem of their mysterious disappearance.