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Make Your Video Clickable and Actionable

So you've made your video, and you're ready to show the world who you are and what you do.   How to you invite your audience to participate, donate, or take action? 

The answer to that question is getting more and more interesting as video annotations, overlays, and "clickable video" become more and more common and affordable.

YouTube was the pioneer in this field, allowing YouTube Nonprofit participants to not only annotate their videos (that is, create captions within the videos themselves), but also create links to external websites (for example, to a donation page), and more recently "Call to Action" overlays with external links, which is like having a Google Ad at the bottom of your video for your own organization.  More recently it became possible for these overlays to function outside of YouTube itself (ie when the videos are embedded on other sites).

As fabulous as that is, sometimes it can be difficult for a very small organization to get busy YouTube's attention in order to

Why Nonprofits Should Use Video: Aggregation Equals More Visibility for Your Organization

by Theresa Bucci

An important reason for nonprofits to invest in videos is the potential for your video to be aggregated by other organizations. The aggregation of multimedia is a great opportunity for raising visibility. Not only are nonprofits promoting videos to their social media followers, many are sharing videos produced by other organizations on their own websites - especially when the video explains an issue that their organization is invested in.

When a video is promoted and shared, the subject matter is presented using the institutions message(s) and brand. A well produced video will also include links back to the organizations website or social media pages. This scenario is especially useful for smaller nonprofits because it enables them to reach a potentially larger audience.

For example, I recently created a video for the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), “Property Rights 101.” The video explains the importance of women in the developing world owning

13 Free (or very Cheap) Editing Tools for Nonprofits

Here is the motherload: 13 free or very cheap video editing tools that will help your organization tell its story, most of which are available online or as a free download.   No, you don't have to shell out $300 or more for FinalCut!


UPDATE (7/2011) Lightworks Public Beta  The Lightworks editing applcation, with some high-profile production credits, has now gone publc.  Pros: It boasts a lot of high-end tools, and is recommended by the people you normally pay a lot of money to edit videos for you.  Cons:  PC only for now, but is slated to be Mac and Linux compatible by later this year (2011).


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Apple iMovie '11:  The latest version of this iLife suite software is still straightforward and easy to use, but has added some fancy features like face detection, audio adjustment, image stabilization, effects such as instant replay and slow motion, new themes and graphics, voiceover recording, overlays, trailer creation, and easy links to Facebook, YouTube, and