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Climate Activists Begin Civil Disobedience Campaign with Keystone Pipeline Protest During Obama Donor Event

350.0rg reports that today (Wed, March 13) climate activists will be protesting outside a "50K-per-plate" dinner where President Obama, joined by his top aides David Messina and David Plouffe, will be speaking to his biggest donors. 


The protesters will demand that Obama keep his climate promises

"Do The Math" Tour about Climate Change with author Bill McKibben


This won’t be your typical lecture.

Each event will be a unique and interactive experience, unlike any talk you’ve been to before. It will pick up where Bill McKibben’s landmark Rolling Stone article left off — and everyone who comes will be asked to join a growing movement that is strong enough to stand up to the fossil fuel industry. Together we’ll mount an unprecedented campaign to cut off the industry’s financial and political support by divesting our schools, churches and government from fossil fuels.

This won’t be easy: we’re up against the most profitable, powerful, and dangerous industry in history. But we have our own currency: creativity, courage and if needed, our bodies.

Find out more and/or get tickets: