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World Penguin Day


Every year, April 25 is celebrated as the World Penguin Day.  The observance began at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica, where the residing researchers noticed a colony of Adelie Penguins coming back from an annual sea migration to the same spot, on the same day – April 25.  The annual return of the penguins, who have never been late so far, seemed like a great way to celebrate these wonderful creatures.  Soon enough, the observance spread throughout the planet.


There are 17 species of penguins on Earth, and all of them reside in the Southern Hemisphere.  From small to large, warm to cold loving, penguins have always been popular among the public due to their docile nature, natural beauty, and endearing waddling.  However, penguin populations are at serious risk.  Climate change, dwindling fisheries, and human activity pose a grave danger for their survival.  Penguins are in trouble, and need help.


Preserving penguin habitat is part of a larger campaign by Greenpeace to designate two large sea sanctuaries around Antarctica.  Visit the campaign website to learn more and sign the petition.   You can also find a wealth of resources and ways to help protect penguins on a special website by the PEW Charitable Trusts. 


Ocean Doctor is organizing a special event on the occasion of World Penguin Day in Washington, D.C.  The day will feature a video premiere, panel discussions, as well as a silent auction to support penguin research and conservation in the Antarctic.


In addition, there will be special penguin-related events at various zoos across the nation, including in Florida and Utah.  Check your local zoo or aquarium for World Penguin Day events.


In the meantime, take a minute to watch penguins live through the California Academy of Sciences webcam!