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What Does this "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" Promo Have to Do with Helping Typhoon Victims? Everything.

A filmmaker turns a solicitation from 20th Century Fox into a huge, life-saving act of kindness for the survivors of Super-typhoon Haiyan.



Casey Neistat, creator of "wonderfully renegade" YouTube videos and an HBO mini series, was really concerned after watching footage of the aftermath of Super-typhoon Haiyan, as, he said, "anyone with a heartbeat was."  


Frustrated that he could not do more than donate to relief efforts, Neistat saw an opportunity in the form of a solicitation from 20th Century Fox to make a promotional film for the upcoming Ben Stiller movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  Neistat said that he "somewhat crassly" replied to 20th Century Fox that the only movie he wanted to make was one where he gave away the budget to those in need.  


The studio, remarkably, agreed.


After trying and failing to work through an existing NGO, Neistat and his crew decided "on a whim" to launch their very own relief mission, purchasing, transporting, and distributing food, medicine, medical supplies, and tools for rebuilding to villages that were decimated by the storm.  


Said Neistat about the experience:

"Never have i met such people with the resilience of these typhoon victims. there was one thing that stuck out, one big huge tiny thing, that was; of everyone we were face to face with, thousands of people, not once, at anytime for any reason did anyone complain. no one. their focus was on rebuilding and healing, not sympathy."  Adding, "Big thank you to Fox and Ben Stiller for not freaking .... out when they saw what i did with their money."


Here's what happened to 20th Century Fox's money for the promo: