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Unbound DC: A Walk Uniting the Movement to End Human Trafficking



“As a survivor of child sex trafficking, I wish I could say that human trafficking is a new occurrence in America but, sadly, we have an epidemic that we must pay attention to.  Shouldn’t everyone be free from slavery?”


Tina Frundt’s words to GoodSpeaks echo the urgency of her organization, Courtney’s House, and other NGOs that set out to fight human trafficking, or modern day slavery. Both terms refer to the condition under which 27 million people are living today. They are citizens and immigrants of all ages, from all walks of life. They are trafficked into sexual slavery or forced labor in the U.S. and around the world. On Saturday, October 5, 2013, supporters of the  the largest single event in Washington, D.C. to fight human trafficking and slavery will march as part of the Unbound movement.


Modern day slavery is an alarmingly hidden problem, as those who drive the trade take care to ensure that their activities remain covert. The global sex industry in particular makes use of Internet ads to expedite the process of buying and selling sex. The Washington Post recently reported a multi-state sex trafficking cartel targeting children, which advertises its services on the Web and is increasing activity in DC suburbs not far from the Unbound DC walk.


International efforts to combat human trafficking includes the UN’s Palermo Protocol on trafficking in persons, which has been ratified by 157 countries. Every country in the world is an origin, transit, or destination country for international human trafficking. Organizations worldwide address various aspects of human trafficking. Focus areas include decreasing the demand for trafficked people, helping victims find safety, and working for alternatives to victim detention.


Unbound (formerly the Stop Modern Slavery Walk) has registered over 6,500 attendees and raised over $325,000 towards efforts to stop human trafficking since it began in 2009. It is organized by the volunteer-run group Stop Modern Slavery and includes live music, speakers, and a resource fair for those who wish to learn more about anti-trafficking organizations working on both a local and global level.  




Register or volunteer for Unbound.  Activists will gather on October 5th starting at 9:00 AM at the Washington Monument in Washington, DC.


Support or volunteer for an Unbound Beneficiary Organization:


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