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The Tutu Project – Pink and Powerful

In 2003 one man started photographing himself in a pink tutu to cheer up his ailing wife. It created a wave that today supports the fund raising efforts for women with breast cancer.



Everybody needs a knight in shining armor every once in a while.  For Linda Carey, in lieu of shining armor, her hero arrived in a pink tutu!


Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003.  Soon afterward, her husband Bob started wearing a pink tutu and clicking self-portrait shots as a way to give her a laugh in dark times as she went through chemotherapy, as well as deal with his own emotions.


These pictures gradually began to make the rounds when Linda showed them to fellow breast cancer survivors and patients. With the advent of social media, the photos and the Pink Tutu Project gained global admiration!



While Linda fought her own personal battle against cancer, she made it her goal to raise funds for women and their families that need financial support during their breast cancer journey.  She and her huband together founded The Carey Foundation, a non-profit organization to help defray the costs of breast cancer treatment.   To help distribute the funds the organization has partnered with CancerCare, a nationally run non-profit.


The couple went on to self-publish a book called Ballerina, which is a collection of Bob’s tutu images in snow and shine and humorous stories that happened along the way. Proceeds from the sale of Ballerina go directly to the Carey Foundation.


“There are so many expenses not covered by insurance, but what’s so great is that for every $1,000 raised we can make a significant difference to these women. We’ll be able to help with transportation to doctor appointments; wigs; lymphedema sleeves; childcare and counseling.”




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