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The Most Heartwarming Ad Google Ever Created Goes Viral

A viral video in India and Pakistan suggests that the hope for peace and friendship lives on.



Google doesn't often have to explain the benefits of its ever more intelligent search platform.  But in its newest ad, entitled Reunion, Google inspires us with a very personal story about how the powerful search engine can change someone's life.


We are drawn into a story about two close friends separated by the 1947 India-Pakistan partition.  A grandfather in India tells his granddaughter of the friend he lost touch with many years ago following the partition. The granddaughter decides to use Google Search to surprise her grandfather for his birthday, with tear-inducing results.


The video has gone viral in both India and Pakistan, giving us hope that its message of a personal friendship that transcends political boundaries still resonates despite ever-present tensions in the region.



Click on "Show Captions" at the bottom of the page to read the translation.


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