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September is Hunger Action Month


Hunger Action Month was designated by Feeding America in September to build awareness of and support for their network of more than 200 food banks across America.  

The organization provides this list of ways to participate:

  • Find Feeding America and ‘like’ us on Facebook. Then use our Food Bank Finder application to find and ‘like’ your local food bank.
  • Share a hunger fact or one of our Hunger Action Month videos with your social networks.
  • Go Orange on September 6th. Wear orange or Go Orange digitally.
  • Donate your Facebook status to hunger
  • Watch and share Hungry Kate (below)
  • Share a hunger fact with your friend
  • Wear orange on Sept 6 or Go Orange digitally through the Feeding America Facebook application
  • Tour your local food bank
  • Volunteer for your local food bank – find their Hunger Action Month calendar
  • Speak out by filling out a paper plate at your local food bank to send to your local official
  • Or fill out a paper plate and take a picture and post on Facebook