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Nonprofit Of The Week: Nyaya Health Builds "Just Systems" for Health Care


Nyaya Health is a nonprofit organization operating a health clinic and services in rural Nepal. Employing a strict commitment to transparency, data-driven solutions, public partnerships and job creation, Nyaya is paving a new path for development work, and an easy choice for our nonprofit of the week.


“Nyaya” is Nepali for “the realization of just systems.” This, according to the organization, is a call for action. It is a direct action aimed to improve the quality of life for those in Achham district, an impoverished region in western Nepal. Their vision is one of accessible healthcare, where prior to their involvement, a quarter million Nepalese had no access to reliable healthcare. To date, their health centers and rural health workers have treated over 137,000 patients.


There are a litany of organizations that assist those in need, but few seem to be as focused as the leadership at Nyaya. The work they perform and what they accomplish is just as important as how they are doing it. Nyaya is guided by three core principles: transparency, employment, and partnership with the government. 


These are ideals that are continually praised by NGOs and nonprofits, but they are more than simple buzzwords and aspirational statements for the organization, which touts itself as the second biggest employer in the region outside of the civil service. The numbers speak for themselves.


Nyaya has created jobs for 155 locals who make up 98 percent of their in-country staff. They have secured $105,000 in dual support from the government, and post all of their documents and financial statements online through their wiki page.


These are the success stories that offer the brightest future for development work; programs that allow for real sustainability and allow the government to serve their own people. They are the programs that provide the most change by improving livelihoods through employment and empowerment. They are not simply assisting a region suffering from extreme poverty, but allowing those in poverty to help themselves.


There is a love of data at the organization, internally and externally. They use data metrics to track their progress not only as a tool for transparency, but also in the way they are treating patients. One look at their weekly “data-drive” blog highlights how they utilize information, highlighting pediatric and ER cases, tracking diagnoses, causes of death, and the path to limiting data-entry mistakes. Data saves lives in healthcare, and an organized system for tracking patient histories, trends, and successful treatments is vital for improved care.


In areas around the world, those living in poverty desire better healthcare and deserve better access to medical professionals. Similarly, they desire jobs, growth in their economy, and a brighter future for their children. We all desire a government that supports our well-being. Nyaya is accomplishing these universal concerns, in a transparent and honest way that maximizes donated dollars and runs on data and efficiency. Nyaya Health, a model for programs across the world remains true to their promise:


The realization of just systems. 

About Nonprofit of the Week


Today’s news media often appears to be an uninterrupted cycle of ever depressing events, from violence and tragic deaths to accidents and war. At Goodspeaks, we are trying to focus on the good, showcasing the agents for positive change in the world.



We believe, as Martin Luther King Jr. believed in an arc of morality that bends towards justice. We’ve seen and heard of organizations doing work on behalf of the oppressed, the hungry, the disenfranchised and the poor. However, it is our experience that some of the organizations we never hear from are doing some of the best work.


In an age where development and humanitarian work is done on a large scale by large organizations, it seems that the most effective and efficient non-profits are the smallest ones. They are less likely to have million dollar grants or giant administrative budgets. They fight for the work they are doing, and are doing it for all of the right reasons. They are often times so busy helping others, that they don’t have time to tell their story. Each week, we will help tell it for them.


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