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Nonprofit of the Week: MHMR of Tarrant County

MHMR of Tarrant County provides vital assistance and counseling to people with mental health care needs, such as substance abuse, psychiatric disorders, and intellectual delays and disabilities.

In recent years, thanks to a greater understanding and awareness about issues related to mental health, people suffering from mental illness or challenges no longer have to hide in the shadows and suffer alone. Although the stigma still exists in society as a whole, advocacy and treatment organizations have had a lot of success in breaking down the barriers to help this underserved population get needed help and support.  MHMR of Tarrant County is one such organization.


MHMR Tarrant’s mission is simply to enhance the mental health and intellectual development of people in the community it serves.  For more than 40 years, MHMR Tarrant has worked to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with mental health care needs, such as substance abuse, psychiatric disorders, intellectual delays and disabilities, and early childhood intervention.


"You have to have a heart for this job," says MHMR Residential Trainer Linda Sneed.  Residential trainers provide some of MHMR's many services, and help people with mental disabilities learn to do cleaning and laundry, to cook and prepare meals, to take medication, and with activites and therapy.  It's a demanding job, admits Sneed, but by working closely with people who need them, "You come to know them and love them, as we all have."




Looking toward the future, as Texas and the rest of the nation see changes in the way health care is managed, MHMR Tarrant CEO Susan Garnett says that such changes are "very likely to be positive" for the organization, for the state, and for the people in need of mental health services. Says Garnett,  "We're likely to see more people who will have an insurance card.  We're likely to see more people who have more services that are community-based, rather than hospital and large facility-based.  The health care of the future will put more people in touch with what they really need, and find ways to give them services at earlier points in their lives, rather than waiting until people have really significant needs."

More from CEO Susan Garnett:



This is good news for the tens of thousands of people MHMR is ready to serve–  like Tina, who thanks to MHMR's RISE court program has beaten her addiction and returned to college to set a better example for her son:




MHMR’s Crisis Services provides mental health emergency support 24-hours a day, 365 days a year and is the first point of contact to begin eligibility assessment.  The MHMR team provides support, information, referrals, and/or crisis intervention referrals, if needed.  Call 817-335-3022 or 1-800-866-2465 if you are in need of support.


How You Can Help

  • For more information or to donate please visit
  • MHMR Tarrant is also a recipient of the Annual Toy Run benefitting children and families served by MHMR Tarrant and MetroCare of Dallas County. This year’s event will be held on Saturday December 14, 2013 at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, Texas. Toy Run Motorcycle riders come from all over Dallas and Tarrant County to participate in the event each year. For more information and to see how you can help this worth cause please visit