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New York Hurricane Sandy Victims Feel the Pain of Government Shutdown


As many members of the American public shudder to learn of preschool children not attending Head Start or of the families of fallen veterans not receiving needed benefits to lay their loved ones to rest, New York City also faces yet another crisis brought on by the federal government shutdown.


New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in his weekly radio address, recent called on Congress to resolve the shutdown before New York victims of Hurricane Sandy are further adversely affected. “Because Community Development Block Grants and other types of federal aid require approvals and constant correspondence with federal officials, we have been advised that delays in vital and mandatory tasks are inevitable,” Bloomberg said.


Bloomberg added that “Since the storm, the City has stopped at nothing to help New Yorkers and their communities recover from the greatest natural disaster in our history. The federal government must bring the same urgency to this task.”


The mayor also pointed to “critical infrastructure projects” that rely on federal funding including coastal protections and dunes replenishments programs. Bloomberg pulled no punches and stated that, “Unfortunately, unlike mayors, too many representatives in Washington act as if they can just take positions without considering the real-world consequences for real people.”