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New "Skin Deep" App Helps Shoppers Find Safe Personal Care Products

A new app for iPhone and Android users can help you find out how personal care products could impact your health.


Studies continue to link chemicals in everyday products with negative health effects, but it can be hard to keep track of questionable ingredients. A nonprofit has released a free app to help health-conscious shoppers navigate the beauty aisle.


Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep App mobilizes the organization’s searchable database of over 78,000 personal care products, including makeup, deodorant, shampoo, and shaving cream. The app rates each product, and lists its worrisome chemicals. Users can type in product names, or use the app’s barcode scanner.


The app is important, because the U.S. government does not require companies to conduct pre-market safety testing of personal care products, EWG states. Popular products can contain a slew of harmful ingredients, such as carcinogens and hormone disruptors.


Consumers continue to show leading companies that people care about the safety of these products, EWG says.


“We’ve heard from top cosmetics industry executives that Skin Deep fundamentally changed the way people look at these products,” said Nneka Leiba, deputy director of research for EWG, in a press release. “They used to think they were just applying makeup and lotion, but now they know they are applying chemicals too.”


So far, the app has had over 21,000 downloads.



What You Can Do:


  • Download the app for your iPhone or Android device.
  • Read our piece on hormone disruptors.
  • Petition Congress to change cosmetic regulations.
  • Sign a petition telling Revlon to stop using harmful ingredients.
  • Thank Johnson & Johnson for reformulating its products.
  • Sign up for action alerts from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.