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International March for Elephants


1 Day, 15 Cities


Join the International March for Elephants on Friday October 4th, in one of 15 cities around the world.


Over the last decade, 1,000 wildlife rangers have been killed attempting to save elephants from ivory seekers, making this cause all the more important.   Sponsored by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, this peaceful march is done to raise awareness for the illegal elephant ivory trade around the world. Every fifteen minutes, an elephant is killed for its ivory tusks. That's 36,000 elephants annually and if this continues, wild African elephants will become extinct by 2025.


In New York City, the march begins at 11:00 am sharp, Friday morning. Participants will go from the corner of 42nd street and 12th Ave in New York City. From there, the procession will make its way to United Nations.  Sign Up.


After the march, from 12:45-2:30pm, there will be special guest speakers at United Nations, Hammarskjold Plaza, 47th/2nd Ave. Speakers include award winning actress and supporter of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Kristin Davis from “Sex in the City”, journalist and author of “Blood Ivory” Bryan Christy, and Deputy Director of the Kenyan Wildlife Service Dr. Patrick Omondi. MbiraNYC will also make an appearance preforming traditional music from Zimbabwe.


In Washington DC, the march is from noon until 4pm, starting Friendship Arch on H Street outside Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro to the White House.  Sign Up.


Sign up to one of fifteen official marches:

Buenos Aires
Cape Town
Los Angeles
New York City
Washington DC

*Please note - due to recent events which took place in Nairobi from 21/09 - 24/09 we have decided to cancel the International March for Elephants in Nairobi. We will hold a vigil for those who so tragically lost their lives in the attacks and also for the elephants who continue to fall victim to the ivory trade. This will be held on the day of the March October 4th at the Nairobi Nursery.