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Follow created the website to track the impact of the sequestration on the nonprofit sector, which they anticipate will be severe and widespread.  According to the organization, the sequestration cuts "will hurt the work of almost every charitable nonprofit in America," including nonprofits who do not receive government funding. 


Nonprofits, they argue, have received a 70% increase in demand for their services over each of the last four years due to the recession, and will see increasing demand as a result of job losses and furloughs in the public and defense sectors caused by the sequestration.  Furthermore, federal funding for meals for seniors, services to veterans, the WIC program for children, and mental health programs will be cut, and nonprofits will have to step in and provide these services where they can, but as a result of the sequester, nonprofits with federally-funded contracts or grants will lose 9% of their yearly federal funding.  Those without federal funding will be overextended because of increased demand, while they face decreased contributions from donors also feeling the effects of job losses.


GiveVoice has asked nonprofits to submit their stories of the impact of sequestration via