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EPIC Sustainable Living Festival

On July 6 and 7, Vancouver, BC, will host EPIC – one of the biggest sustainable festivals in the North America.  With around 300 exhibitors and 20,000 anticipated guests, the EPIC Sustainable Living Festival will become the place to be for eco-lifestyle enthusiasts for two full days.


The event will take place in the picturesque VanDusen Botanical Garden.  The Sustainable Living Marketplace – the heart of the festival – will feature booths set up in an open air promenade, in an ambient that underlines the connection between people, economy, and nature.   Green and environment-conscious businesses and organizations will present their wares, including healthy food, eco-skincare products, organic clothes, and even low-emission vehicles.


EPIC is not all about business, though.  The festival will also entail a wide range of entertainment activities for the guests, such as public speaker presentations, gardening workshops, and live music. 


More information on the festival is available on the EPIC website.


The emergence of many similar festivals across the world is a strong signal that global consumers are starting to pay more attention to their ecological footprint.  Eco-friendly goods are slowly starting to become more mainstream, despite the frequent public perception that green products are more a luxury reserved for the wealthy than a panacea for the deteriorating global environment.  Moreover, green products are often more affordable in the long-term, as it is their inherent quality to conserve natural resources and energy and be highly economical.  By making such products both eco-friendly and affordable, businesses are bound to reach wider consumer bases.


Interestingly, EPIC will host a Sustainable Living Expo in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, this coming June.  Much like in Vancouver, the Middle East event visitors will have a chance to learn about environmentally responsible products, hear innovative ideas, and take part in various social and entertainment activities.