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Dear Future Mom: A World Down Syndrome Day Message About Love

A heartwarming message to a future mom from 15 people with Down syndrome.


The video begins with an email sent by a future mom: 

"I am expecting a baby.  I've discovered he has Down syndrome.  I'm scared.  What kind of life will my child have?"


What follows will melt your heart...




The video was made by Saatchi and Saatchi Italy for CoorDown, Italy's national association for people with Down's Syndrome, in advance of World Down Syndrome Day on March 21.    The message is lovingly made clear through the voices of 15 children and adults in the video: people with Down Syndrome are capable of living full, meaningful, and happy lives.   Sure, it can get very difficult, but as someone in the video astutely points out, Isn't it like that for all mothers?  


Since it was published to YouTube on March 13th, it has reached nearly 850,000 views.


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