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Celebrate World's Indigenous People Day


August 9th is a day to honor the World’s Indigenous People. This day, first proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1994, will feature a special event at the UN headquarters in New York.


From Panama to Ethiopia, Laos and Australia, indigenous people hold a symbolic representation for the lands they call home. History has rarely been kind to indigenous people, the victims of genocide and oppression through violence, economic immobility and social segregation. Yet, Indigenous people have deep historical and cultural ties to the countries they reside in.  The preservation of their cultural heritage and environmental protection remain issues close to the hearts of these populations. 


The Row Wampum Renewal Campaign inspired this year’s theme, honoring treaties and agreements between states and indigenous people. The campaign represents six nations from New York who cite the first ever treaty between Dutch immigrants and themselves as a symbol of upholding agreements between immigrants and indigenous peoples.


Anyone who wishes to attend the event and participate Joshua Del Duca at by August 2nd at 12:00 pm. include your name, affiliation and contact information