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Audubon International Certifies Its First Green Hospital


The Owensboro Health Regional Hospital in Owensboro, Kentucky can claim a couple of “firsts.” It is the first hospital in the world to earn the Audubon International Signature Certification, and it is also the first Certified Signature Sanctuary in the state of Kentucky.


According to Audubon International, their green certification process requires the rigorous implementation of a Natural Resource Management Plan (NRMP) which considers numerous factors such as: wildlife conservation, habitat enhancement, water quality management and monitoring, integrated pest management, water conservation, energy efficiency, waste reduction and management, and green building products and procedures. To date, only 100 facilities worldwide have earned International Signature Certification.


For Dr. Jeff Barber, President and CEO of Owensboro Health, it’s about more than just environmental friendliness. “We have created a space that is not only highly functional, but one that projects an environment of healing through the beauty of nature and our surroundings,” he said. “We take our responsibility to care for our region very seriously and want to respect and care for the land, just as we care for its people.”


The hospital’s environmental achievements include: water storage in a system of ponds; flowering and fruit-bearing trees that provide food for wildlife; drought-tolerant plants that need little irrigation; water-saving toilets and sinks; Energy Star rated appliances; accessible public and bicycle transportation; and recycled and locally sourced building materials.


Audubon International expresses great satisfaction in working with Owensboro Health. “The search for a more sustainable future must be more about action than mere words and must include all types of land uses,” said Nancy Richardson, Associate Director of Environmental Programs at Audubon International. “Through projects like this new regional hospital and partners like Owensboro Health, we’re re-defining what it means to plan, build, and manage our human landscapes.”


The Audubon Signature Program is one of a series of certification programs that the environmental organization offers including the Cooperative Sanctuary Program, the Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf, the Classic Program, the Green Lodging Program, the Sustainable Communities Program, the Green Neighborhoods Program, and Partners for the Environment.


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