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A Race to Save Florida's Manatees, Dying in Record Numbers


According to the environmental advocacy organization, Earthjustice, a terrible record has been set this year. The manatee death toll across Florida is rising. A record 726 manatees, large water mammals already considered to be an endangered species, have now died in the state’s polluted and algae-choked waterways.


Earthjustice Florida is fighting for pollution standards that will help to save the manatee. According to the organization, the Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA) “continues to side with agribusiness, pushing for loopholes to allow even more pollution (in Florida’s waterways).”


Earthjustice has issued a call for emergency gifts to help support its efforts to save manatees. The advocacy group pledges to: fight in court to stop backroom deals that allow the EPA to grant loopholes to polluters; use the law and the power of the courts to strengthen pollution standards across Florida; and battle to restore waterways and halt environmentally destructive practices and projects such as the Rodman Dam.


In the past few months, Earthjustice warns, Florida’s waterways have become so toxic in places like Brevard County that residents are told not even to touch the water. Yet, it is in precisely these waters that manatees make their homes.