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For Video Engagement, Relationship-Building is Critical


(Photo courtesy of PBS Documentary Slavery By Another Name)


When we engage people around our films and videos, what percentage of that audience are we retaining as long lasting advocates? Are we doing enough to maintain their involvement and what can we be doing better?


These questions were raised during my recent interview with Felicia Pride of the Pride Collaborative.


Pride has over ten years of experience working in media as a storyteller, content strategist, and educator. Her work has been featured by USA Today, NPR’s “Talk of the Nation,” and the Baltimore Sun.


Engagement is often seen as a one-time thing. However, Pride re-conceptualizes the idea by talking about it in terms of relationship-building.


The idea is that through relationships you can channel viewer passion into more sustainable involvement and you won’t lose them once the video viewership dies down.  But to do this, it is necessary to set up a framework on the front end before making a video or designing your distribution strategy.


To learn more about how to build relationships with your audience and generate more impact, read the full article, Video Engagement: Retaining Your Audience on The Video Effect.


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