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Explaining Google's Knowledge Graph


A live discussion via Google Hangout on Air about Google's Knowledge Graph, part of Social Media Week: DC.


Google unveiled its Knowledge Graph last year as a way to connect concepts across the internet– its own contribution to the “linked data” movement championed by World Wide Web architect Sir Tim Berners Lee.


While the Knowledge Graph will continue to improve the search experience for users, little is known at this early stage about its effect on search optimization; while its use by Google TV and YouTube will have a profound effect on the discoverability of internet video.


Join Founder and contributor Kristen Milhollin as she explains the Knowledge Graph, how people and organizations can contribute to it, and how it may impact the discoverability of video content.




Now that Google owns YouTube, could you talk about how to maximize views and promote, via social media, my org's YouTube videos? Especially using keywords?
Thanks, Liz

I hope the video gave you the answers you were looking for.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.

could you address how to use knowledge graph to maximize YouTube video traffic?

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