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Death Penalty On Trial

Troy DavisWith the final demand for a stay of execution denied by the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles on a 3-2 decision on the evening of the 21st of September, Georgia inmate Troy Davis was put to death by lethal injection at 11:08 EDT.  The stay was rejected despite a petition signed by over 650,000 people and calls for clemency from  President Jimmy CarterArchbishop Desmond Tutu, the Popefour dozen Members of Congress, and many others.

Clearly momentum is building for a serious review- if not a repeal- of the death penalty, given the, as NYTimes' Kim Severson put it, "slow and convoluted exercise in legal maneuvering and death penalty politics"  that lead to Davis' death. 

Driving this momentum are leading Human Rights organization Amnesty International, The Innocence Project, and the NAACP, all of which have led the call for a review of the case after seven witnesses changed or recanted their original testimony.

Here is a video about theTroy Davis case from Amnesty International:

Here is a video from the Innocence Project, which seeks to exonerate the wrongfully convicted through DNA testing:

And finally from the NAACP, whose mission is to advance equality and eliminate race-based discrimination:

These videos and others from organizations seeking to repeal the death penalty will be available in our video gallery.  Please make suggestions if we've missed anything!

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