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Watch as Wolves Magically Transform Yellowstone Park

A captivating look at the role predators play in creating a diverse ecosystem.

A Bra Company Succeeds by Reclaiming the Innocence of Adolescence

Yellowberry teen underwear entrepreneur Megan Grassell's sucess lies in her willingness to ask  "What's the Hurry to grow up so fast?"

The Plastic Bank: Turning Trash into Cash for People in Need

A bank that helps people in poor communities exchange plastic for basic goods has the potential to help solve two urgent gobal issues at the same time.

Hope is the Heaviest Weight: How Kindness Brought a Poet Home

An act of kindness brings healing, recognition, and a loving reunion, to a poet who lived in the streets for decades.

Love, Dignity, and a Free Haircut: Hartford's Most Beloved Barber

For 25 years, a barber has given Hartford's homeless community dignity, respect, and love, along with a free haircut and shave.

Women of the World, Let's All Sing This Together

A powerful new ballad for International Women's Day encourages women and girls "not to apologize" for what's inside of them

The Tiny House Movement Finds a New Purpose: Providing Homes for the Homeless

An artist and a community discover a great way to help the homeless:  build small, eco-friendly houses, and change lives one ‘tiny’ house at a time.

How to Create the More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

A short film vividly captures the essential unhappy truth of the human condition, and what we can do to overcome it.


A video narrated by Charles Eisenstein, teacher, speaker, and author of several books including Sacred Economics, beautifully illustrates some of the ideas in his new book The More

Award-winning Chef Trades Career for a Life of Selfless Giving

A celebrated chef gives away all he has and finds his joy in serving his community's most overlooked and forgotten people.

Is Renewable Energy Inevitable? Absolutely, says Tesla CEO Elon Musk

The serial entrepreneur and celebrated "big thinker" says it is easier to meet America's electricity needs with renewable energy than most might think.

Martin Luther King, Jr. and the True Meaning of Bravery

Dr. King knew that speaking the truth in an atmosphere of intolerance could come with dire consequences for himself, yet inspired others to love, forgive, and speak out for their God-given rights regardless.

The Tutu Project – Pink and Powerful

In 2003 one man started photographing himself in a pink tutu to cheer up his ailing wife. It created a wave that today supports the fund raising efforts for women with breast cancer.

An $80 Knee Gives Hope to Amputees Around the World

D-Rev CEO Krista Donaldson says everyone who could benefit from a product should have access to it.

Baby Dolphin Does a Happy Dance After Rescue from Plastic Bag

The heartwarming rescue of a baby dolphin serves as a reminder of the dangers of ocean-bound plastics.

Wildlife Hero Rescues Over 200 Sloths

Monique Pool, a true wildlife hero, has rescued hundreds of sloths, anteaters, porcupines, and other animals from deforestation in Suriname.

Nelson Mandela: Honoring His Legacy

The resolve, restraint, and forgiveness shown by Nelson Mandela on the day of his inauguration were emblematic of his character and of his legacy.

Chances Are, Your Best Day at the Office is Absolutely Nothing Like Hers

A caring suicide hotline counselor may have just saved a life.  Thousands of calls like this are made every day.

Good Deed Gone Viral: Harris Rosen’s Tangelo Park Promise

Harris Rosen’s move to adopt a Florida neighborhood has gone viral, earning the entrepreneur well-deserved celebrity status.

Grammy Winner Takes On Guantanamo Abuses in "We Are America"

Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding, along with several other musicians and entertainers, have joined forces to help win support for Guantanamo's closing.

The Most Heartwarming Ad Google Ever Created Goes Viral

A viral video in India and Pakistan suggests that the hope for peace and friendship lives on.