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Use Your Instagram Likes to Support Good Causes

A new platform can turn a "like" on Instagram into financial support for a worthy cause.

Popular and Profitable Pesticide Found to be Cause of Massive Bee Die-Offs

A recent Harvard study replicated results proving the link between widely-used neonicotinoids pesiticdes and Colony Collapse DIsorder, thought to have destroyed between 30-90% of honeybee colonies since 2006.

Pollinator Week

Pollinator Week is both a celebration of role of pollinators in providing humans with food and sustaining life-giving plants ,and a warning about the dramatic (over 80%) decline of some pollinator populations.

World Blood Donor Day: Voluntary Blood Donations Save Lives

World Blood Donor Day highlights the critical need for voluntary donations of blood and blood products around the world.

Pope Francis Calls on Christians to Fight Climate Change

Following a Vatican-sponsored Sustainability Summit, the Pope reminded Christians of their duty to protect God's creation, and warned of dire consequences of avoiding this responsibility.

You'll Never Guess What Harvard Engineers Are Using to End Plastic Pollution

A new biodegradable material developed by researchers at Harvard shows promise as a viable replacement for conventional plastics.

Watch as Wolves Magically Transform Yellowstone Park

A captivating look at the role predators play in creating a diverse ecosystem.

Waste Less, Feed More: A Game-Changing Approach to Fighting Hunger

A rapidly-growing organization finds a solution to hunger not by growing more food, but in finding a way to reduce food waste.

White House Warns Climate Change is Happening Now

The third US National Climate Change Assessment, just released, says that climate change is a critical threat to every region of the country, and that is happening now.